Case Studies

NOTE: These pages give information on actual member interaction with the Indiana Chronic Disease Management Program (ICDMP) Call Center. Any identifiable member information has been blinded and changed. In addition, the members have given their permission for the ICDMP to tell their stories. The intent of these pages is to give you a view of the ICDMP from the member’s point of view.

 Below you will find an “Overview of Call Center Activities” followed by a link to the member case studies. The overview gives you a view of the ICDMP, especially noting member’s interactions with the Call Center. The link to the case studies will take you to a page reviewing member interaction with the ICDMP. Any questions you may have about the program, please call 1-866-311-3101.

Overview of Call Center Activities:

Identification:  The member is identified through claims and/or diagnosis data as potentially having a chronic disease such as congestive heart failure, diabetes or asthma.

Introduction: An introductory letter is mailed to the member.  This letter provides basic information about the program and advises the member that a Care Coordinator will be calling within a few weeks.

Initial Care Call for members with CHF, Diabetes, Asthma, or other Chronic Disease: The Care Coordinator makes the initial call to the member or the member’s legal guardian.  This first contact is designed to introduce and answer any questions the member may have about the Indiana Chronic Disease Management Program, ask selected questions about the member’s health and difficulties they may be having and to inform the member of subsequent calls. This first call takes approximately 8-10 minutes to complete. A welcome letter is sent to the member, along with selected patient education materials.

Subsequent Calls for members with CHF, Diabetes, Asthma, or other Chronic Disease: The Care Coordinator makes the second call to the member approximately 90 days after the initial call.  This call focuses on medications. Several questions are asked which range from understanding the use of medications, problems organizing medication schedule to problems getting prescription(s) filled. The call takes approximately 25-35 minutes to complete.  Additional calls will be made to the member on a quarterly basis.  The topics will vary and the member may be given the choice of topics to discuss.  The topics might include diet, exercise and activity or handling diabetes complications.  The member is sent appropriate patient education materials for the topic (s) discussed during each subsequent call.

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